Sportunion Wirtschaftskammer Graz

Open Austrian Championship
of Veteranes 2024
EVF European Veterans Circuit Foil
23 und 24, 2024 in Graz

Timetable and Rules

Competition hall
        Union Sportcenter
        Gaußgasse 3, 8010 Graz

Saturday, March 23, 2024

09h00 Men´s Foil Individuall competition
Afterwards Team competitions

12h00 Women´s Foil Individuall competitions
Afterwards Team competitions

Medal ceremonies after finals of any competition

The Foil Individuall competitions V1 to V4 are part of
European Veterans Circuit

Sunday, , March 24, 2024

09h00 Men´s Epee Individuall competitions

11h00 Women´s Sabre Individuall competitions
Afterwards Team competitions       

14h00 Men´s Sabre and Women´s Epee Individuall competitions
Afterwards Team competitions       

Medal ceremonies after finals of any competition


Austrian Fencing Federation
European Veterans Fencing
Sport Union Wirtschaftskammer Graz

                    Dipl.-Ing. Werner Lach, Ernst Walter

                   Tel:        +43 664 8850 2886

Eligible competitors

The number of participants is unlimited.
The entry is open for all fencers born on the 31st December 1994 or earlier.

Every competitor has to present a valid passport or identity card

Age categories

SK           (30+)  born 1985 to 1994
AK I   V1  (40+)  born 1975 to 1984
AK II  V2  (50+)  born 1965 to 1974
AK III V3  (60+)  born 1955 to 1964
AK IV V4  (70+)  born 1954 or earlier

Registration, accreditation

Passport or ID. Signing of the participant’s application and personal responsibility
Participants need to present a medical certification on spot or have to sign a discharge of responsibility - waiver of liability .


Entries can only be made till March 15, 2024 per Email to:

Please use the excel-sheet for registration

Last entries fort he individusal competitions are possible till 60mn prior to the beginning, last call 40mn prior to the beginning, final
check in 30mn prior to the beginning of every individual competition.

 Entrie fees

Entry before March 15, 2024 24h00
Individual                                           EUR 40,--
Second start                                       EUR 30,--

Entry after March 16, 2024 00h00
Individual                                           EUR 60,--
Second start                                       EUR 40,--

Team                                    EUR 80,--
No fencingpass                 EUR   5,-- (only ÖFV)

Entry Fees must be made on-site no less than thirty minutes prior to the beginning of each event. There is no possibility to start without having paid entrie fee. Paying can only be done in cash! No credit cards will be accepted.

Rules of the competition

The competition follows the rules of FIE, EVF and ÖFV.

Competition format individual

One or two seeding rounds with 5 hits, 3mn followed by the direct elimination bout with 10-hit fights (two three-minute rounds with one-minute rest).
When to less fencers enter a particular age group, their event will be combined with the next nearest age category, but with separate results.
The organisers have the right to change the formula if it improve the running of the championships.

Competition format team

The sum age oft he three fencing teamfencers must be 135 years or more. This sum must be garanted also, when one fencer is changend.

Any kind of team following the age limits above is allowed to participate (club teams, national teams and mixed teams of different clubs or nations). The austrian teams take part preferably as province-teams.

Every teamcompetition starts directly after the final bouts of the individual competition. Every match consists of nine single bouts in the order is to be defined before the start of the match by the team captains. The team is the winner, which has won five single bouts first.


Due to the Guidelines of the EVF, the referees will be appointed for all competitions by the organizer.


FIE standard equipment will be required (800N clothing, 1600N mask, 800N plastron, and FIE approved blades). Player name is not required on the back of the jacket. The weapon and equipment control will be one hour to an halfe hour before start of individual competitions

Covid 19

The Covid19 regulations and requirements of the Austrian Federal Government and the Austrian Fencing Association must be followed without restriction by all participants and companions.
The organizer does not provide any antigen test kits.


The organizer does not accept any liability whatsoever.
Participation is at your own perils and risk.